Dimensions and weight
Overall length: 4320.79 mm – 170.110 in
Overall width: 1810 mm – 71.5 in
Height: 1000 mm – 39.37 in
Wheelbase: 2450.79 mm – 101.98 in
Front track: 1488 mm – 63.58 in
Rear track: 1450 mm – 62.08 in
Curb weight: 860 kg. – 1895 lbs in
Fuel capacity:  28 Gallons in

Body Construction Material
Body – Hand Formed Aluminum

Frame Construction Material
Frame – 4130 Tubular Steel

Fuel Tank
Fuel tank – Stainlees Steel

Front tires 10.15×15 Dunlop
Rear tires 12.15×15 Dunlop

Front Wheels Technomagnisia
Rear Wheels

Front brakes 12 in. Willwood 4 piston
Rear brakes 12 in. Willwood 4 piston

Paint Color:
Customer Preference

No. of cylinders 65° V12 F
Bore & stroke 89×77 mm 3.46 x 2.95 IN
Unit displacement 479 cc 29.2 cu. in.
Total displacement 5,748 cc 350.7 cu. in.
Compression ratio 11:1
Maximum power 379 kW (610 bhp) at 7,250 rpm
Maximum torque 588,6 Nm (60 kgm) 580 ft.lbt at 5,250 rpm

P4 Engine Validation Process

Engine selection and validation is paramount in the build process for the P4 by Norwood. A rigorous inspection program that involves pulling the intake manifold and valve covers to inspect every component of the top-end valvetrain – valves, valves springs, cams, etc. On the bottom end the oil pan is removed to inspect the lower sections of the block and the main bearings and rod bearings. Any pieces not in compliance with factory Ferrari specifications are removed and replaced with factory Ferrari parts. In addition to the painstakingly detailed inspection, all assembly hardware is re-electroplated, removing any doubt the donor engine is in impeccable condition before getting acquainted with its new home.

While the oil pan is off, the team makes some minor modifications to better align with fitment of the large V12 in the P4 by Norwood’s mid-engined chassis. The stock oil filter housings are machined off as the lower placement in the chassis compared to the Maranello to prevent any potential clearance issues. To complete the modification new fittings are added in the oil pan to allow remote mounting of the oil filter. The modification also goes beyond safety as the lower center of gravity only adds to the already impressive handling.

Maximum speed
0-60 mph 4.0 sec.
0-80 mph 6.0 sec.
1/4 mile 125
3/4 mile 170

1 3.154
2 1.789
3 1.269
4 0.967
5 0.767
Final drive 3.44,9″
5 speed synchro limited slip